Brittany Welsh

     Brittany Welsh is a Professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercing Practitioner, approved by the Gloucester County, NJ Health Department. 

    She has literally been tattooing people longer than most South Jersey professionals, as she picked up her first tattoo machine at 14 years old.  It all began with family and friends -when her father bought her a tattoo machine and she did a large monster fish on his side.  The outline still looks good! 

   She went on to tattoo her legs and her friends and eventually she stopped when the reality of tattooing at home was not going to get her where she needed to be. 

   Having initially pursued her degree in Education she is working towards a Mathematics degree at Rowan University.  She is gifted and kind, and a genius. She also has an adorable young son who is wicked smart, clever, funny, and the love of her life.! 

   Among her other talents, she is the shop DJ and plays a mean game of Alternative Rock Trivia.. Having been a color guard in high school she can still twirl a gun and throw a  flag like a maniac. 

  Brittany came to Headlight Tattoo in the summer of 2016. She learned how to tattoo and pierce professionally  under the direct supervision of Harry Ake.  She spent years along side of Liz Glitz, our senior artist, and continues to tattoo with Liz and others daily.           Brittany has become a significant Tattoo Artist and a part of South Jersey Tattoo history.  She has a huge following on social media and in the Tri-State and New York areas. 


If you would like to get a tattoo or a piercing from Brittany, feel free to email her at      -HJA