John Ormsby


     John is a seasoned and versatile Tattoo Artist . He has tattooed at the Woodstown location of Headlight Tattoo since 2015, and is on file with the Salem County Health Department as an Approved Practitioner /Operator.  

     He is proficient in many styles of tattooing and  often collaborates on ideas on various subjects

  -including coverups.   He  dabbles in biomechanical and  the macabre, and is proficient in traditional, line art, and  contemporary illustrations.  He is comfortable using coil machines or rotary pens with cartridges. 

     John ( A.K.A. Mr. Jormsby)  is a graduate of Philadelphia  University of the Arts ( 2013) , and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.  His tattoo portfolio is filled with an assortment of images which include horror, patriotic, viking, and various crazy clowns  His semi-private tattoo station is adorned with many awesome  framed illustrations and digital paintings of images that spark joy in his heart. 

   John came to Headlight Tattoo with an extensive art portfolio, as well as some tattooing experience.  He fulfilled his apprenticeship requirements through our program, and has been influenced by many great artists along the way., including his wife, Tiffany,

   John is also an " Approved Practitioner of Tattooing"  in Gloucester County. 
      John is not just a real talented and diverse individual who loves heavy metal, he is also a family  man who loves his  wife, his ,home and cats.  His favorite foods are pasta and chocolate, his favorite sport is hockey. He's all about video games, tattoos ,and Love and Vikings, and everything that has to do with tattoos and sick music..