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Karina Valentin

    Karina  is a very talented and energetic member of the  Headlight Tattoo and Body Piercing family of artists. 

     As she finishes her senior year as an Illustration major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Karina also works  alongside some of the most sought after Tattoo artists and Body Piercers in South Jersey. 

     In addition to having a sweet disposition and a comforting customer service attitude, Karina is super creative and artistic. She can customize or whip up a design on the spot, and enjoys doing the harder things like neck tattoos and hand and finger work. Creative and clever-she moves her hands  with confidence and precision, and appears to be fulfilling her purpose at her highest level when drawing or tattooing.

   With natural ability, she is comfortable tattooing in many styles. 

   Please check out her gallery and see why she is one of South Jersey's finest!


Karina new pic.JPG


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