Teresa "Rae"  Ballinger


She's a "Southpaw"  Momma Bear who loves her kids and other people's children too.  As a graduate of the Headlight Tattoo and Body Piercing Apprenticeship program, she started out in years past as the designated provider of temporary tattoos to all the children of the Woodstown Fall Festival.   Although she rocks the head tattoo and dreads (usually under a heavy dread hat),  and can probably beat me in arm wrestling, it is her kindness and soft disposition that shines. She cares a lot...about everyone.-specially about our customers and the quality of her technical skills when she Pierces and Tattoos.

  Rae has an amazing portfolio of  tattoos that any artist would be proud of.  Although an "Approved Practitioner " of Tattoo and Body Piercing in both Gloucester and Salem Counties, Rae has settled into the Woodstown Studio and currently works exclusively there.  She loves traditional and  whimsical "happy" tattoos, but can immerse herself just as easily in a memorial tattoo or a composition which brings honor to a subject, an idea, or a person.  She does excellent line work and solid calligraphy writing. Her color compositions  are the brightest , with pastel tones used in a sensible way. Her black and grays are dynamic and she accomplishes a lot in a short time. 


 Teresa Rae Ballinger has been growing up on a farm in Mantua, NJ.  That is where she lives, grows her food, and raises children with her man-Mike Moffa.

 Rae is hilarious at times, and dabbles in the serious side of life as only a mother could. Overall, she is kind. She oozes goodness, compassion, and creativity.   - HJA

 If you are interested in contacting her or getting a piercing or tattoo you can feel free to email her at rae.bies.tattoos@gmail.com