Shannon Keeley Gallagher

Shannon Keeley Gallagher  has been with Headlight Tattoo since 2014.  She apprenticed under the direct supervision of Harry Ake and was taught and influenced by many of the artists of that time, including Mallory, Deanna, Kayla, Dave Capece and others. Much of her tattoo knowledge comes also from her own experiences getting tattooed. She has countless hours of work from prominent artists in the tristate area and from New York.   She is a New Jersey Health Department "Approved Piercing Practitioner" and " Approved Practitioner of Tattoo" and is on file in both Gloucester and Salem counties. She is a very knowledgeable, gentle, and confident piercer, and an accomplished Artist.
     Shannon is extremely bright. At an early age she taught herself Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and attended a graphic design program at Camden County Tech School. She studied Illustration at Hussian College School of Art in Philadelphia for a time, and continues to expand her mind with all things tech and tattoo.  

     In addition to having a full booking of  tattoo clients  who sometimes wait months for an opportunity to be tattooed by her, Shannon is a master of digital art and other media; frequently designing and producing  custom art pieces for print, or on various items people bring to her.

     Finally, if that was not enough, Shannon is a highly publicized alternative fashion model. She has an enormous Social Media following and regularly expands her modeling portfolio with professional photoshoots  and videos.   Needless to say- she is very very busy! 

 Shannon loves her family, her tattoo family, and her customers. She loves her fast car, things that are strange,  odd or peculiar, and all kinds of animals, but most especially -her dog!   She can make a variety of strange noises, balance things on her nose while making seagull sounds, and move her eyes independently from each other.  She loves pickles. She is often amusing, sometimes hilarious and always a friend-  to many.  Although she really likes to stick large needles in peoples faces, and small ones in your body, she really is sweet and kind....HJA 

      Shannon works at Headlight Tattoo Shop #1  . You can email her directly at     

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