Shelby ouellette

     Shelby Ouellette is from Sicklerville, NJ, and is an extremely gifted illustrator  and a brilliant artist.  She works full time at our Westville location,  and has a large following of really nice clients. She works by appointment only, and is usually booked out for a couple months at a time.

​     Shelby attended The Savannah College of Art and Design

for a time, where she studied animation. She left school to become a Tattoo Artist.  At the time she interviewed for her apprenticeship she had no tattoos. By the time she showed up for her first day at work -she had one around her thigh.  Now she has a full left sleeve, shoulder caps and some awesome work from really great artists ! 

     Shelby is  left handed, and customizes and draws everything she tattoos. During the past few years she has embraced various styles of tattoo art, like flick shading, dotwork and minimalism. She works and expands on styles until she owns them, but always comes back to her favorites -which are full colored versions of fruit,  flowers , and various ideas/ icons from movies, TV,  or  pastimes.  Her tattoos are near perfect, yet she never brags.  She is genuinely appreciative of her clients and is humble and kind.   She uses Dan Kubin and Bishop Rotaries, and literally uses an entire table full of colors from the best pigment companies. 

     In addition to being talented and competent, Shelby works and plays well with others. She's great with customer service and the needs of our clients.  I can't say enough good things about her, but I'll stop here. Check out her portfolio on IG. -HJA