Tessa Sherman


   Tessa is an accomplished Professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer.  She typically tattoos weekdays and Saturdays but usually sets time aside to Body Pierce all day on Fridays. 

    Tessa likes traditional tattoo art, but with medium or thinner line work, which is always spot on! She also enjoys stippling, black and grey and Celtic work...and lots of flowers!  Sometimes she tattoos using only RED. 

    Tessa has a background in customer service, and is great with our clients.. She communicates well and is easy to work with. She is also certified in CPR, enjoys doing volunteer

work, is filled with goodness, and practices random acts of kindness!  

   She's crazy about Nail Art, eyelashes,  DOGS, and the Smashing Pumpkins. She is super helpful and fun to be around. Her tattoos are high quality and artistic, and her line-work is always true. 

Check out her portfolio, and her cordless cartridge Tattoo machine.  And come in and meet her to set up a time for a tattoo or a Body Piercing! You will be blessed!