Tessa Sherman


Tessa is a self- taught local artist who recently joined the staff of Headlight Tattoo and signed on for a Tattoo and Body Piercing Apprenticeship. She is  enthusiastic about traditional tattoo art and has started a collection of her own, with tattoos by Sydney Arena and Dakota Herman.  Tessa has already done several tattoos on people, under supervision, and will be learning  very intensively over the next 2000 hours. 

 Also a business major at Drexel University, Tessa has a background in customer service. Last year she gained experience in an Orthopedic  Medical Office, and is certified in CPR.

She enjoys doing volunteer work and is helpful and kind. She's crazy about Nail Art, DOGS, and the Smashing Pumpkins. She is super helpful and fun to be around. 

Check back to this page often over the next month or two as "TessaSherm" builds her tattoo and Body Piercing Galleries.      -HJA