Vanesa Reeves

     Vanesa Reeves is a super talented  Professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercing Practitioner from South Jersey.  She is in high demand with a large following of clients-old and new, who sometimes wait months for the opportunity to be tattooed with one of her original  compositions. Although she specializes in floral and geometric elements ,with or without dotwork, color, or minimalistic flick shading, she is versatile and is known to take on and conquer Polynesian Tribal, coverup work or an occasional dragon. 


 As a graduate of the Headlight Tattoo Apprenticeship Program, Vanesa is recognized as a Practitioner of Tattoo and Body Piercing by  both Salem and Gloucester Counties. 

    Vanesa graduated from Rowan College in May  2017 with an Associate Degree in Art. She is  wicked smart and can work an IPAD  like nobody's business. She is very good at teaching others how to do digital stuff, computer jazz , and Iphone gigastuff. 

     She lists Georgia O'keeffe and Alphonse Mucha as inspirations. She follows a list of specialized tattoo artists, but really cherishes the fact that Headlight Tattoo is home, and that she is part of a Tattoo Family. 

In addition to being an amazing Tattoo Artist, Vanesa is an accomplished and knowledgeable Body Piercer.  Working by appointment, she is always happy to help out with a new piercing, or help with follow up care on an old one. 

     Check out her Tattoo gallery and examine some of her flawless and carefully constructed compositions, which are always interesting and fun to look at !  You can also  follow her on Instagram, as she posts her most recent work and updates daily. 


 In  addition to being brilliant and  gifted, she is very heavily tattooed with exceptional work from some high profile artists; but do not be afraid, she is also  kind and sweet, and nice and good. Her customer service is second to none, and she communicates in a very approachable way  with clients and others.  Give her a shout and consider getting a tattoo or piercing from her when you are ready--HJA