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Dakota Herman

     Dakota L. Herman is a professional artist, music lover, dog hugger, Tattoo Artist, and Body Piercer.
     Originally from Long Island, Dakota attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia from 2015-2018.  She graduated with a Bachelor of  Fine Arts  in  Illustration . 
     Dakota  interned for a Philadelphia tattoo professional during the 2017 Spring semester. She learned to draw and paint flash, and became familiar  with many things ( and people) in the tattoo community. While being immersed in the tattoo cultures of Philadelphia and New York, she started collecting many of her own tattoos. She prefers the old school works we call American  Traditional or even Neo Traditional, which is a  stylized and graded version of a traditional design.
     After graduation she sought to find an apprenticeship, and  eventually contacted Headlight Tattoo. After many months of emails and planning, on April 19, 2019  she traveled to Deptford, NJ for an interview. It was a very busy day for all of the Headlight shops, and after meeting most of the artists at the first two locations -a phone call was made to HL2 and the question was asked, "should I hire her you want to work with her ?".  And all the girls said " yes, send her back over".  So she was hired on the spot and she drove back over to the Clements Bridge Road Studio where she started work.  At first we made room for her ; now  we would struggle  without her.
     Dakota is presently an integral part of the company and a solid Tattoo Artist.  She came along very nicely over the past few years and has a strong portfolio.  She demonstrates good judgment and solid opinions on placement,  size, and the creative use of color.  Her tattoo style has evolved, is very Traditional, and her lines are the strongest. of any artists I know.   

Dakota also has a large collection of Tattoos on herself, having been tattooed by her favorite artists who also tattoo in the style she loves. She plans her tattoo appointments for herself ahead of a vacation! She drives far and makes a day of it each time, like a super committed client!

   In addition to being an awesome Traditional Tattoo Artist, Dakota learned to Body Pierce with kindness. She is confident, intelligent,  and  comfortable in her ways; and is gentle, clean, and efficient.  
Dakota has a pretty full schedule of Tattoo appointments in front of her, sometimes having to "close her books" for a time, in order to focus on her commitments. She communicates a lot through IG @DakotaHerman .
You can follow her to find booking information. 

In addition to drawing, painting, and illustrating, Dakota loves  concerts and music.  She has been  a co-organizer,  of a concert fundraiser in Wanaque New Jersey  called the , " Forget Me Not Fest" - a "Benefit Show" for the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation. She also creates  poster art, stickers, buttons, and various commissioned art.  She's had her hand in ceramics and pottery and is creative in many ways. 
     Dakota Herman's excellent  tattoo gallery is  flawless, fun to look at,  and  interesting.  She is the best!

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