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Emily Allen

Emily Elizabeth Allen is an artist from Upper Chichester, Delaware County.  She is currently Tattooing and Piercing under supervision, and works as an Apprentice for Headlight Tattoo, Inc. in Deptford, NJ.  She is available 5 days/week to work on clients. 

Emily attended Delaware College of Art and Design from 2018-2020.  She completed her studies in illustration, and graduated with an Associates Degree.  She then studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for two additional years. In May of 2022 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Emily aspires to excel in Traditional Tattoo Art.

As an apprentice, she is learning many other Tattoo styles and techniques as well- including black and grey, coverup work, and minimalistic dotwork (fine needle shading with a rotary).  She can draw very well and compose fancy cursive writing in a beautiful way.  She is rapidly building a nice portfolio of tattoos, and learning "all things Tattoo".  Her Apprenticeship is intense and all consuming-as it should be!  Before she goes completely insane, she will, no doubt,  become a Great Tattoo Artist.

Emily has 4 full time mentors, who are some of the best Tattoo Artists in Southern New Jersey.  Most of her early compositions she did with assistance, and in the Headlight Tattoo tradition of sharing and support. As each day goes by, she becomes more equipped and comfortable -and does more and more of each piece by herself. Her most recent compositions were done solo, with supervision. 

Although Emily dresses exclusively in black, she is soft and kind. She has a steady hand, a generous heart, and a cheery disposition. Emily loves cats and has two at home named Cleo and Nova.  Other than Tattooing and learning how to Tattoo, she loves music, Halloween, and singing. Yes....she sings a lot!

So, when planning your next Tattoo, come visit Emily at Headlight Tattoo, and check out her Tattoo and Piercing Gallery often, as she builds a world-class portfolio!


                                                        - HJA


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