Sydney Arena began working for Headlight Tattoo in March of 2019. Initially a shop support person, she eventually apprenticed through our Tattoo and Apprenticeship Program, and is an " Approved Practitioner of Body Piercing and Tattoo". Her credentials are on file with both Gloucester and Salem Counties.  Sydney is a member of  the Headlight Tattoo Family of Artists, and works mainly at the Westville location, and often on  Fridays at the Woodstown Studio. 
    Sydney grew up in Williamstown.  She is also  a hair stylist  and a graduate of the Jolie Health and Beauty Academy.  Her previous 2 years' experience in a salon, as well as three years working as a dispatcher for the police and "first responders" has equipped her with interpersonal skills and a great customer service attitude. She is a hard worker and communicates well, in person and in writing.  Sydney is spotless and nice.     She can be shy at times, and by her own accord, she can be ( like most of us)  "socially awkward".  She is about as pleasant a person as you would want to meet, and has a kind heart, an  honest disposition, and she is very friendly. She has many friends who are all very nice too. One of the reasons she has been learned  how to tattoo so well ,and so fast, is because so many of her friends were so supportive- and let her tattoo and pierce them.   
Sydney prefers Traditional tattooing, but can also work in black and grey. She does super clean line work and does lettering and word art very nicely.  
     If you would like to be tattooed or pierced by Sydney, you can email her directly, or call the shop and ask for her. You can check out her portfolio, and see the kind of work she has been doing. She also updates her Instagram page often. Although she does a lot of black silhouette and traditional styles of tattooing, she is not afraid to try something new.  So, keep her in mind as she becomes one of South Jersey's premier Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers.    -HJA

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