Hello, this is Harry Ake from Headlight Tattoo & Body Piercing . Thank you for your interest in an appointment.

     We are open

The governor’s Executive Order 154, along with Directive 20-015 permits us to Tattoo and Body Pierce while following enhanced protocols for safety. We will comply during the remainder of the Covid-19 pandemic, or until further notice. These protocols are not limited to, but include:

 - working by appointment only

 -artists and clients wearing face masks at all times in the building

 - hand sanitizers and / or hand washing facilities for artists and guests

 - a daily log of all employees which includes their temperature and a health assessment.

 - a daily log of all clients and guests (which accompany a client into the procedure area), which includes their temperature, contact info and a health assessment (we will ask if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or if you feel sick or if you have been around anyone with Covid-19)

-a daily log of any visitors or guests with their contact information

 -An addition to our ( already exhaustive) medical release forms, acknowledging the risk of contracting Covid-19 by being in a Tattoo Studio.

 - Social distancing practices which include limiting the number of people in the building at all times. Clients will be asked to come alone for their appointments, with the exception of minors who need an adult with them.

   If you are OK with all this, then we would love to work with you!  Appointments can be made by contacting the artist of your choice- preferably online via email. Their portfolios, social media information, hours, and email addresses are located on this website

If you are not able to “connect” with an artist and would like me to facilitate an appointment , you can email me back at headtattoo@aol.com and I will try to help.

You will likely be asked to leave a deposit for a tattoo appointment via PayPal, after you have contacted the artist and have come to an agreement for an appointment.    We will still be offering Body Piercing, but not lip, tongue or nostril piercings for the time being. Appointments for Body Piercings ( parts of the ears, eyebrows, bellybuttons and nipples) can be made ahead of time via email, or by phone, at the shop of your choice.

Whether a Tattoo appointment or for a Body  Piercing appointment, we will do our best to offer you a time when we will be able to accommodate you, and we will try to be on time. Our waiting rooms are not equipped to handle many people, so we may ask that you wait outside or in your car until we are prepared for you. We all just want to do the right thing and stay safe.

 We appreciate your business


                                 Harry J. Ake