Hello, this is Harry Ake from Headlight Tattoo & Body Piercing . Thank you for your interest in an appointment.

We are open and safely providing Tattoos "By Appointment Only". 



We are not offering services to people who appear ill, have signs or symptoms of Covid-19, or

pose a risk to our employees or other clients.   

TATTOO APPOINTMENTS can be made by contacting the artist of your choice- preferably online via email. Their

portfolios, social media information, hours, and email addresses are located on this website. Just go to the

" Artists" page and click on each artist to get to their portfolios, social media, and contact information.

If you are not able to “connect” with an artist and would like me to facilitate an appointment , you can email

me back at headtattoo@aol.com and I will try to help, as long as you provide a phone number and

the necessary information. 


Whether you contact an artist directly, or email me back, please provide:

1.  phone number

2. what you would like to have tattooed , complete with photos or references you would like to provide

3. what part of your body you want tattooed

4. which artist you prefer, or at least which town or studio you would like to visit

       for your tattoo ( Westville, Deptford, or Woodstown).

5. Whether the tattoo is for an adult or a minor

6. What is your preferred time of day, day of week, or special date you have in mind for your tattoo. 

Without this information you will be redirected back to this page. 

You will likely be asked to leave a deposit for a tattoo appointment via PayPal, Venmo, or in person after you have contacted the artist and have come to an agreement for an appointment.   

Whether a Tattoo appointment or for a Body  Piercing appointment, we will do our best to offer you a time when

we will be able to accommodate you, and we will try to be on time. Our waiting rooms are not equipped to handle

many people, so we may ask that you do not bring people with you for your appointment, unless you are a minor and

need a parent with you.  

 We appreciate your business


                                 Harry J. Ake

Vanessa Bradley