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 Thank you for your interest in a Body Piercing appointment.


We are not offering services to people who appear ill, have signs or symptoms of Covid-19,

or pose a risk to our employees or other clients.   

Appointments for Body Piercings can be made ahead of time by adults, by phone or email.  If nobody answers the phone it is either because no one is there, or because we are busy and have no availability for piercings. Feel free to leave a message and someone will get back to you by the next business day.

Before calling the shop, please click on the Body Piercing Link to view our prices and the services we offer.

Whether you contact a Body Piercer directly, call the shop, or email us, please provide:

1.  phone number

2. what you would like to have pierced 

4. which Body Piercer you prefer

5. Whether the Body Piercing is for an adult or a minor. If for a minor, provide assurance that a PARENT will accompany the child and PHOTO ID for the parent and some form of school ID or other Identification for the child will be provided. 

6. Your preferred time of day, day of week, or special date you have in mind.


 The current Body Piercers on staff are

 856-848-8223  Harry, Karina, Vanessa


If you are not able to “connect” with an artist and would like someone to help facilitate an appointment , you can email Harry at , as long as you provide a phone number and the necessary information. Emails are typically answered within one business day.

 We appreciate your business


                                 Harry J. Ake

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