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Tattoo Pricing

Here at Headlight Tattoo, we realize that all artists do not tattoo at the same speed, or even with the same experience.  It is reasonable for different artists to charge different rates, based upon what they typically accomplish, in quantity and in detail, per hour. It is typically fair and reasonable for a first year artist to charge a lower rate for custom design and tattoo work than an experienced artist  who has been Tattooing for many years.  We have an hourly rate that varies from artist to artist and can be higher or lower -depending upon what body part is being tattooed.  An experienced artist will typically base their quote on $150-200/hour for custom work, which may take into consideration (and  include) time spent for drawing and tattoo design. If that work is being done on the torso, backside, chest or neck ( in the red zones), the artist may work at a premium rate or at the higher end of their fee scale.   Our shop Minimum will remain at $100 for tattoos that are done by experienced professionals. Often, clients can take advantage of discounted Tattoo rates for more basic tattoo procedures provided by a Tattoo Apprentice who works under direct supervision. For more information on Apprentice Tattoos please view our artist page and check out our current apprentice "Sam".  For discounted Tattoo rates, please email Harry or Sam.  If you would like a quote for an entire piece rather than an hourly rate, please talk to the artist of your choice, or email Harry at

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