Headlight Body Piercing

Fees and Information

Nostril $60
Nostril w/hoop $75.00
Bellybutton  $60 steel $65 Titanium
Nipples $65/100 (2)
Earlobes $35/55 (2) (Pierced with Steel)
Cartilage $40 ( steel) $50 ( Titanium)
Industrial $65 ( Steel) $75 ( Titanium) 
Tragus $65
Daith $65
Rook $65 
Forward Helix $65/115/165
Conch $65
Lip $65.00
Tongue $75.00
Eyebrow $60
Insert fee $10-20.
Nose Hoop Insertion  $20 plus price of Jewelry

Jewelry Removal -Usually free
-Sorry-No Microdermal Removal!!
-Sorry No Infants or little 
-Sorry no Septum, Snake eyes, or Surface  Piercings


Prices for Piercings include a free aftercare product for all piercings (except tongue piercings). High quality ASTM F-36 Titanium Jewelry is used and included in the price for all Nostril, Nipple, Daith, Conch, Rook, Tragus, and Forward Helix Piercings. Titanium is highly recommended for Industrial Piercings and for clients with sensitive skin or allergies to certain metals.


Upgrade jewelry such as Titanium Clicker/Segment Rings may be available for ear piercings for an additional $10.00 per piece. 


 New Jersey Sales tax  (6.625%) will be added to your total. Body Piercers often offer discounts on multiple piercings, depending on the type of piercing. Earlobe pairs are already discounted. You can choose to be pierced with Titanium (hypo-allergenic), for an additional $10. 

We Body Pierce earlobes but do not pierce ears with a "gun", so jewelry for Earlobe 

Piercing is typically 16 gauge steel, unless you provide your own jewelry or upgrade to Internally Threaded Titanium or Clicker/Segment Jewelry for $10 each, or clasped Titanium ear studs for an extra $10.00/pair.   WE DO NOT PIERCE INFANTS OR LITTLE CHILDREN.

Body Piercing is most often done by appointment.  Appointments can be made by phone or by emailing  the Body Piercer of your choice. The current Body Piercers on staff are

Shop1 (Westville).  856-848-8223.   Harry , Tessa, Karina

Shop 2 (Deptford)   856-848-6223   Vanessa and  Dakota


If you can not get a reply you can email Harry at headtattoo@aol.com.

Emails are typically answered within one business day. 

Female nipple piercing (18+ only) is done by female Body Piercers only.  Nostril, lip, and tongue piercing is done by Body Piercers fully vaccinated  against Covid-19.

 We do not practice genital piercing or surface to surface piercing, or microdermal piercings.  We do not offer Microdermal removal. We do not currently pierce Nasal Septums.  You must be at least 18 for any piercings, or 13 with a parent/legal guardian and proper identification for the parents and child.

All piercing is done in a private room dedicated to Body Piercing. We use sterile instruments, practice aseptic technique, and use one-time use disposable sterile body piercing needles. All of our piercers are accomplished and highly skilled.

We welcome any questions about a procedure and provide written follow up care instructions. We also are available to provide follow up support if needed.  Feel free to download or print out any of the aftercare sheets below