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Your belly button was pierced under aseptic conditions, and with a sterile needle.  We typically use Titanium 14 gauge curved barbells, or circular ( Horseshoe) Titanium barbells.  Jewelry with designer gems attached- is not recommended for the initial piercing, and would put  extra stress on the wound . We recommend a healing time of 1-2 months or more before wearing designer jewelry. We only recommend jewelry made with pure metal like titanium or 14 K Gold.  We carry a limited supply of designer titanium jewelry if you are interested. 


Your body should immediately start clotting at the site of the wound, and use  other mechanisms to help it heal. A mild degree of redness, swelling, and heat at the piercing are all normal. A normal piercing could be tender for a few days. The discomfort is most often noticed periodically. Ibuprofen is the drug of choice (for those not allergic). It will relieve the discomfort, decrease swelling, and cool the heat. Aspirin or Tylenol can be taken but aspirin is not recommended as it can interfere with clotting.  ICE WILL HELP A LOT AND SHOULD BE PUT ON THE PIERCING AS SOON AS PRACTICAL--- like, when you get home. You can put ice on it as often as you want.  


Bellybutton piercings come with a complimentary bottle of Provon Medicated Soap. Twice each day, wash your hands and fingertips real good and then use the Provon on your fingertips to clean the piercing. It is good to get some of the soap into the wound and then rinse it with water. It is also good to move the jewelry around in the piercing while cleaning it.  Do not use alcohol on the wound.  If the wound is very dry during the first week you can put a little triple antibiotic ointment on the jewelry for a day or two to make it slide inside the wound better and make it more comfortable. When you clean the jewelry make sure the balls are “finger tight” if the jewelry is threaded. They screw onto the post in a “clock-wise“ direction. 


If you go swimming in a clean pool, you should clean your piercing afterwards. Salt water (the ocean), is good for a piercing. Putting your piercing under water in a bath, hot tub, creek, pond, or dirty water is not recommended while healing. Showers are fine  Once your piercing is no longer sore to touch, is not draining, and the jewelry can be moved around freely within, you can consider changing jewelry. We recommend that you become familiar with the processes required to change it yourself.


All belly button piercing is done with jewelry that is long enough to allow for swelling and a certain amount of  “rejection” that is sure to occur. All belly button piercings reject ( grow out or push out) the jewelry a little bit.  After your body relaxes and the piercing heals, it may need to be changed to a shorter or smaller piece of jewelry. 


Vitamin C, multivitamins, and Zinc supplements have been used successfully to speed healing during the first couple weeks. For a piercing to be fully healed, to the point where the jewelry can be removed for a few days without it closing -may take a year or two. If you decide that you don’t want to have a piercing anymore, just take it out. Continue to clean the wound for a few days. It will heal to a tiny scar, probably undetectable to the naked eye, if removed during the first few months. After several years, there may be a more noticeable scar/dimple.


NJ law requires us to describe the signs and symptoms of an infection, therefore: The signs or symptoms of an infection may include excessive soreness, abnormal swelling, redness or heat, accompanied by pus or a foul smelling odor coming from a wound.  If you think that you have an infection  or a serious problem you should contact us or see a physician. If you do not know who to call, Headlight Tattoo Inc. will try to contact a licensed physician who will agree to see you, at your own expense, for a minimal fee.
Healthy living, a high-quality diet, and good hydration will promote healing.   Remember……Don’t drink and drive, and be nice to dogs.  Feel free to email questions, comments, or concerns to:

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