Jarred Stallard

     Jarred Stallard is currently an Apprentice at Headlight Tattoo & Body Piercing. He works exclusively at the Woodstown Studio. He tattoos by appointment and under direct supervision.

   Jarred holds an Associates Degree in Art from Gloucester County College. He studied at Kaizer School of Art in Sewell , NJ. for 12 years.  Jarred also has a Bachelor's degree in English from Rowan University. He is obviously super intelligent ( in an idiot savant kinda way), and is a very kind and gifted person.

   Although he wears several layers of clothing year round, and a winter hat in the Summertime, he is clean.  He is very particular about his line work and tries very hard to be gentle and make his clients comfortable during the tattoo process. 

     Jarred is into anime, cartoon figures and pokemon characters. He likes bold outlines and strange colors. He has a lot of nice friends and is a gentleman. 

    Check out his "Art and Illustrations"  page and see what he likes to draw.  Please click on his tattoo gallery often, and watch as he progresses to become a great tattoo artist.