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Kayla Capanna

Kayla has been an accomplished Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer since about 2012 when she did her apprenticeships through the Headlight Tattoo and Body Piercing Apprenticeship Program.

Before she became an artist, Kayla was a Phlebotomist. She has since graduated a Nursing Program and became a Registered Nurse who works in the Emergency room.


Eventually the Tattoo world continued to call on her, and she returned to the Tattoo Studio-  a little at a time. Yes, she is back tattooing  ( on a limited schedule).


If you are interested in being tattooed or Pierced by Kayla, you can email her and set something up. If you do, you will find that she knows a little bit about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things.  She is a mom, a wife, a daughter and a sister. She is kind and smart, funny, and fun to be around. She is living the best version of herself possible, and is my friend.


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