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Ara Ficara ( aka Sam) is a very enthusiastic, talented and creative Tattoo Artist from South Jersey.  Ara holds a Bachelors Degree in Media and Communications from Temple University

Although raised in a strict environment that looked negatively toward tattoos, she couldn't help but feel drawn to Body Art.  She started practicing Henna on friends and family, and became quite proficient in her design and application. Eventually needing to fulfill the desire for permanent Tattoos and Body Piercings, Ara started visiting various studios to learn more about the Tattoo community. Eventually she made arrangements for her own personal collection of Body Art- which is beautiful and significant !

Ara Ficara  apprenticed under Harry Ake and the Headlight Tattoo family of Artists, drawing insight and influence from Hanna, Jill, Emily and others. She occasionally offers discounts on her own custom Tattoo designs.  Her favorite style to work in is Floral realism in color. Ara also loves working with video game, ornamental, traditional, neo-traditional, and anime related designs- in both color and black and grey.  Please visit her Tattoo Gallery and check out her portfolio!  Also, check out her on Instagram often, as each week she will be adding artwork, Tattoos, and marketing specials for designs she would like to do.   -HJA

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